Bed bugs thrive in room temperature environments, and they are very sensitive to increases in temperature. In fact, exposure to temperatures greater than 45°C exterminates bed bugs. One of the most important things to consider when using this method is the rate of temperature change. The temperature change must occur quickly. If the infested area is heated too slowly then the bugs will have enough time to leave the area. Not only will this make the treatment ineffective, but it could also aggravate your infestation if the bugs move into a nearby, previously uninfected, room or floor. For this reason, we strongly advise against “do-it-yourself” propane-heating options. The professionals at BedBugControlToronto are specially trained to use this equipment with the greatest degree of success, eradicating your rooms of bed bugs quickly, without giving them a chance to scatter.

For optimal effectiveness, BedBugControlToronto will heat your hotel rooms to a temperature of about 45°C for several hours. It takes less than half an hour of exposure to this temperature to kill adult bed bugs, and about an hour to kill the eggs. Bed bugs especially like to conceal themselves in floor boards and walls. For this reason air will be pumped in for a few more hours just to ensure that every nook and cranny is heated and rid of the bugs.

The BedBugControlToronto team uses high-powered propane heaters to kill bed bugs. This environmentally friendly alternative involves pumping hot air into your hotel rooms through wide tubing connected to propane heaters outside. Tubes then branch off into smaller pipes that can connect to adjacent infected rooms. The movement of this hot air creates convective forces, circulating the heat like a convection oven to reach every bug.

With regular treatments, this safe and effective method of pest control, performed with optimum efficiency by BedBugControlToronto can keep your hotel bed bug free.